Introducing Brex cash
It’s time to replace your bank account

No personal liability. No risk. No worries.


No founder liability

Get access to a business credit card that won't put your personal score at risk—use it to build up business credit.

Higher credit limits

Our modern underwriting gives you a credit limit based on your cash balance or your sales, not your credit score.

Instant approvals

Get access to a virtual credit card just minutes after qualifying. Start issuing virtual cards as soon as you're approved.

A business credit card with no personal risk

Founders and business owners won't be personally liable for any fraud or risk when using a Brex card. We'll even help you build your business credit score.

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Instant approvals with higher credit limits

Get access to credit limits based on your cash or sales, not your personal credit score. Our modern underwriting technology lets us instantly approve qualified companies and immediately issue credit cards.

World-class customer service and fraud management

Closely monitor all your expenses with robust card admin tools. You're covered with advanced fraud and theft detection, as well as:

Concierge dispute resolution

We have your back during any disputes over transactions or chargebacks.

Best-in-class support

Get customer support in under two minutes, no matter where you are in the world.

Zero liability fraud protection

We cover all fraudulent transactions. Get immediate notifications for any suspicious activity.

Industry-leading rewards programs

Brex Exclusive customers get higher multipliers on purchases for software, ridesharing, dining, and travel. Points are uncapped and tailored to your industry.

How do I know if I qualify?

Our underwriting technology helps us see if your company is the right fit for a Brex card the moment you connect to our systems.

Companies that have healthy cash balances or sales are all great candidates for the Brex card.

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    Start issuing virtual cards

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