Startups are different.

Brex Rewards are too.

Brex was built because startups are different than traditional small businesses. Brex Rewards was created with the same approach - to help startups earn points faster with rewards they can use.

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Brex customers spend a lot on software subscriptions, travel & restaurants, and ridesharing services - so Brex crafted industry-leading multipliers in each of these categories.

Startups grow fast and need rewards that can keep up

As your company grows, Brex grows with you. Unlike other card programs, Brex rewards multipliers are uncapped. With Brex, as you grow, you'll keep earning the maximum number of points.

Startups are fueled by modern services

Brex partners with the best providers in the startup ecosystem to provide offers to your company worth over $25,000 in value, compared to ~$500 for typical card signup bonuses.

Amazon Web Services

$5,000 in credit over a year

Google Ads

Up to $150 in Google Ads credit.

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15% off list price for 6 months for any new U.S. office space


20% discount on first year subscription and waived implementation fees


25% subscription discount, up to $375


$500 in Twilio credits to be used over 1 year


$130/month off of new Pro 100K Plan


$436 credits/month for 12 months


$35 off 3 orders of $75 or more


40% off subscription for the first year, and 20% off the second year


$35 off of 3 orders of $75 or more

Brex rewards provide the best value to startups

Since launch, Brex has done rigorous analysis on its customer spend and data to understand what startups buy and which companies they buy from, with one goal in mind: build rewards that are tailored for startups and provide the best value.

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Note: Data based on analysis of potential value of various rewards programs for a sample of 50 Brex startup customers, based on specifics of each program and using the actual spend distribution of each customer. More details.

Over the course of a year, an average startup will earn at least 20% more with Brex Exclusive than with competitor cards.

In addition to accruing points quickly, Brex Rewards includes access to exclusive, high-value offers relevant to your business needs, worth over $25,000 in value.

How to access the best rewards program for startups?

Become Brex Exclusive

Make Brex your exclusive corporate card for your business and automatically access the best rewards program for startups. More details

Not ready to make Brex your exclusive corporate card? You will still earn 1 point per dollar spent with Brex, with no maximum on how much you can earn.

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Brex Exclusive gives you all the advantages of Brex - no personal guarantee, higher limits, clean data and expense management - across all your spend.

Reward Program details

CardBrex ExclusiveAmex SimplyCash PlusAmex Business Gold RewardsChase Ink Business CashChase Ink Business UnlimitedChase Ink Business PreferredCap One Spark Cash/Miles
Personal guarantee requiredNoYesYesYesYesYesYes
Annual fee$0$0$175 ($0 first year)$0$0$95$95 ($0 first year)
Spend accrual multipliers7x Rideshare/Taxi
3x Restaurants
3x Travel
2x Recurring software/SaaS
1x Everything else
5x office suplies, phone service
3x on 1 cat chosen (hardware/software/ cloud computing best choice for startups)
3x from 1 cat, 2x from others among airfare, ads, gas, shipping, hardware/ software (hardware/software at 3x best choice for startups)5x office suplies, internet/phone 2x gas, restaurants1.5x everything3x ads, travel, shipping, internet, phone2.0x everything
Multiplier spend cap ($)None$50k on 5x and 3x$100k max on each category$25k max on 5x and 2xNone$150k max on all 3xNone
Sign-up bonus value>$25,000
(startup-specific partner offers, no spend requirement)
($15k spend required)
(50,000 points, $5k spend required)
($3k spend required)
($3k spend required)
(80,000 points, $5k spend required)
($4.5k spend required)

The Brex Exclusive rewards program includes enhanced rewards, point multipliers, and other benefits that may not be provided to all Brex users. A company with a Brex account in good standing that uses and commits to continue to use Brex corporate cards for all company-related card purchases may be permitted to participate in the Brex Exclusive rewards program. Brex determines eligibility by using the information provided to Brex from the company and third-party providers.