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Time is money. A corporate card to save you both.


More control over your card

As budgets change, quickly add or remove cardholders and adjust employee credit limits.

Save time with receipt capture

Our customers spent 75% less time chasing receipts. Save hours with our built-in expense management tools.

Close the books faster

On average, our customers save 140 hours per week with integrations like QuickBooks, Expensify, NetSuite, and Xero.

Powerful control at your fingertips

Issue and shut down cards instantly with robust provisioning and card management tools. Real-time controls give you a 360-degree view of all spending activity throughout your business.

Integrates with top accounting tools

Seamlessly connect to QuickBooks, Xero, Expensify, NetSuite, and other top accounting tools. Keep your books clean and tidy with intelligent reconciliation and smart category management.

Fraud protection and zero liability

Easily track all of your card activity and get access to best-in-class support in under two minutes. You'll never have to worry about stolen cards or unauthorized charges.

Instant credit approval

Get access to higher limits without waiting weeks for approval. Brex issues a credit limit to qualified companies immediately based on your cash or sales.

No foreign transaction fees

Use your card where Mastercard is accepted regardless of where you are in the world. You don’t pay any foreign transaction fees or interest on any expenses.

Corporate credit cards built for modern enterprise

What is a corporate credit card?
A corporate credit card is a credit card that an organization can issue to authorized employees. They can use this credit card for approved business expenses, such as travel-related purchases, without having to cover the cost themselves.

Corporate credit cards have strict eligibility requirements and they are issued to only a few companies. Typically, businesses must have more than $4 million in annual revenue, at least $250,000 in annual expenses, and a minimum of 15 cardholders to qualify.
What is the difference between a corporate credit card and a business credit card?
Corporate and business credit cards differ in their requirements, liability, benefits and utility. Business credit cards are available to companies and sole proprietors of all sizes, while corporate cards are only available to businesses with over $4 million in annual revenue and at least $250 million in annual expenses.

The liability of business cards rests solely with the owner, but corporate cards can share liability with cardholders. Corporate cardholders typically use them for travel-related expenses, while business cards can be used for all work purchases, including merchandise and stationery. Business credit cards also have more of a focus on rewards than corporate cards.
Who is responsible for the corporate credit card?
Liability for corporate credit cards can rest solely with the business or jointly with approved employees. Sole or corporate liability means the organization pays for all transactions. If the card has joint liability, employees must pay for all purchases they make on their corporate card and seek reimbursement by submitting expense reports.

Individual cardholders can be held responsible for making repayments on a corporate card, but delinquencies and defaulted debts only count against the business and not the owner or any employees.
Why do companies use corporate credit cards?
Companies use corporate credit cards to allow authorized employees to make approved business-related transactions without having to pay for it out of their own pocket. This typically includes travel expenses, like airline tickets and hotel bookings.

Another benefit of corporate credit cards is that they can reduce the cost and time spent on expense management, thanks to in-built analytical tools like accounting and receipt tracking.
How do you get a corporate credit card?
Companies need to have an annual revenue of more than $4 million, annual expenses of at least $250,000, and a minimum of 15 authorized cardholders to be eligible for a corporate credit card account. Organizations must also have a good credit score and will need to submit their Tax ID and undergo a financial audit before being issued with a corporate credit card.
Does a corporate card help your credit score?
Balances and payment information for corporate credit cards are reported under the business and not the owner or any authorized employees. This means that a corporate card is unlikely to affect the personal credit score of the user.

If the credit card has joint liability, employees will be responsible for making repayments. They can then submit expense reports to the company for reimbursement.
Is Brex a corporate card?
Brex offers various corporate credit cards to suit different business needs. These include corporate credit products for startups, late-stage & enterprise, life sciences and ecommerce organizations. These cards require no personal guarantee or credit check and don’t charge an annual fee or interest. All balances must be repaid in full at the end of every statement period.



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