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All the features you want in a corporate card: acceptance on the Visa network, fraud protection, rewards, and software that makes expense management and reporting easier.
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Instant signup

Get approved in minutes. Simply provide information about your company and link your corporate bank account. No personal liability, credit checks, or security deposits needed.

Virtual card access

Once approved you’ll immediately have access to a virtual card. Virtual cards are perfect for online transactions and subscriptions since they can never be lost. Your physical card will be delivered in 3-5 business days.

Invite your team

You can instantly issue new cards to your team and set spending limits through the dashboard. You can also provide bookkeeper access so your accountants can have oversight.

Worldwide Visa acceptance

Brex cards are on the Visa network--the world’s largest credit card network--and can be used in over 200 countries with no foreign transaction fees added nor travel alerts needed.


Accumulate points as you spend and receive up to $25K in sign-up bonuses from the best providers in the startup ecosystem, such as Salesforce, AWS, and Zendesk.

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24/7 Security

Brex follows industry best practices for security and leverages 24/7 real-time fraud monitoring and support, which combines machine intelligence with human analysis, to ensure no charge happens unless you want it to happen.

Capture Receipts

No need to save your receipts until the end of the month. Use your phone to send a message or email a receipt. Brex will automatically match and upload the receipt to your statement.

Expense Management

Brex makes expense management tasks, such as analyzing employee spend and month-to-month reconciliation, simple by automatically transferring your transaction data into your accounting software. We integrate with QuickBooks®, Xero™, NetSuite®, and Expensify®.

Hassle-free payment

You’ll never forget to pay and you’ll never have late fees. Brex handles the billing every 30 days by automatically debiting your corporate bank account.

Ready to Start

Every startup needs a corporate card. Why not Brex?