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Where can I use my Brex Card?
Brex cardholders can use their cards at any of the millions of merchants across 200 countries where Mastercard and Visa are accepted.
How much does it cost?
Brex operates on a simple pricing structure with no hidden fees. Please see our pricing page for details.
Why are people switching to Brex?
Brex is easy to start—it offers a fast, simple, online application rather than the paper-based, 30-day+ drawn-out process offered by other cards. Brex is also great as you grow offering higher limits supported by an integrated software suite that makes expense management, accounting, and budgeting simple and easy.
Why should I use Brex instead of my debit card?
Corporate cards provide layers of security, fraud protection, and expense management that debit cards do not. For example, a debit card gives anyone carrying it access to the entire cash balance in a company’s checking account. Additionally, unlike with debit cards, Brex allows you to easily issue employee cards with set spend limits and monitor spend in real time.

Plus, you’ll earn Rewards points on every transaction that you can redeem for statement credit or travel benefits. Debit cards typically don’t offer any return on your spend—it’s like leaving money on the table.
Will applying for Brex affect my credit score?
No. Applying for Brex, whether your application is approved or rejected, will never affect your personal credit score.
Can I build credit with Brex?
We partner with Experian and Dun & Bradstreet to report your company’s on-time payment history. This means you can build up valuable corporate credit history simply by using Brex.
How do you protect me from fraud?
Brex offers full protection from unauthorized transactions so you can trust that your finances are secure. Our U.S.-based support team is available via chat, phone, and email for assistance on all related matters.

When you report an unauthorized transaction, our team immediately suspends your card to prevent additional fraudulent behavior on your account and issues you a new card. We will credit your account for all unauthorized transactions and the funds will be returned to you and reflected on your Brex dashboard once the dispute process is complete, which typically takes 5-10 business days.
Are Brex cards available on other networks?
Brex cards are on the Mastercard network, accepted worldwide in over 200 countries with no foreign transaction fees. Upon request, we may be able to issue cards on the Visa network. Please contact our team at support@brex.com to inquire further.
How does Brex track receipts differently?
The easiest way to track your receipts is to download the Brex app. From there, you can take photos of your receipts and add memos, and we'll automatically match them to your expenses as reflected in your statement. For receipts sent via SMS or email, we use AI to read receipts as soon as you send them in. Our system processes the rich transaction detail to match receipts to expenses instantly and accurately.
How does Brex save me time?
Expense reporting is time consuming. Brex reduces the time employees spend on expense report processing and accounting by 50% or more. According to industry estimates, this leads to an average time savings of 26 minutes per employee per month. Brex is able to do this by integrating with your ERP and using tools like receipt capture to help you quickly manage your receipts.
Can I carry a balance?
No. The Brex corporate card must be paid back at the end of each statement period.
How long is my statement period?
Brex offers 30-day statement periods.
How do I pay the bill?
Brex offers hassle-free bill payment. We automatically debit your business checking account (the same account you link in the onboarding process) after your statement ends.
How does Brex underwrite?
Brex underwrites businesses—not people—so individuals' credit scores are not affected. Brex considers factors relevant to your business: your investors, your cash balance, and spending patterns, and sets your limit accordingly.
What rewards does Brex offer?
Brex offers the most valuable rewards program for startups, through a combination of rewards points, partner offers, airline miles conversion, and access to the Brex Travel portal. A comprehensive explanation of the Brex points program and a list of partner offers currently available to Brex customers can be found at brex.com/rewards.
What is Brex Travel?
Brex Travel simplifies business travel by giving you the ability to book flights, hotels, and Airbnb stays directly through the Brex platform. Brex customers earn rewards points on bookings, can use points to pay for travel through the portal, or can convert points to airline miles with leading travel loyalty programs. A comprehensive explanation of the Brex Travel portal can be found at brex.com/travel.
What is Brex Exclusive and how do I qualify?
Brex Exclusive is a status that gives you access to the highest rewards multipliers and allows you to earn the most points on your spend. In order to qualify for Brex Exclusive, you need to make Brex your exclusive corporate card for your business.
What rewards do I get if I am not Brex Exclusive?
If you do not qualify for Brex Exclusive, you will still earn 1 point per dollar spent on all transactions. In addition, you have access to exclusive partner offers and to the Brex Travel portal. A comprehensive list of partner offers currently accessible to Brex customers can be found at brex.com/rewards.
What can I redeem rewards points for and how do I redeem them?
You can use Brex rewards points to pay for travel booked through Brex Travel, to redeem points for a statement credit by applying points to a specific transaction on the Brex dashboard, or to convert points to airline miles with leading travel loyalty programs.
When are points available to redeem?
Points earned on a given transaction are available as soon as the transaction clears - usually within two days.
Why is Brex Rewards the best rewards program for startups?
Before launching rewards, Brex did rigorous analysis on its customer spend to understand what startups buy and which companies they buy from with one goal in mind: build a rewards program that is tailored to startups and provides the best value. Over 1 year, an average startup using Brex as their exclusive corporate card will earn at least 30% more annually from rewards points with Brex than with competitor cards. In addition to points earned while spending, Brex Rewards includes access to exclusive, high-value offers relevant to your business needs worth over $25,000 in value, compared to typical signup bonuses worth ~$500. You can find more details on the analysis at brex.com/rewards.
Who can be a customer?
Brex offers corporate cards. Corporations and other forms of non-individual liability companies are great Brex customers. Brex underwrites with Employer Identification Numbers (EINs), not Social Security Numbers, so consumers, sole proprietors, and other unregistered businesses are ineligible. Only companies organized and registered in the United States (such as C-corps, S-corps, LLCs, or LLPs) may apply for a Brex Account. Consumers, sole proprietors, unincorporated partnerships, and companies registered outside the United States are not permitted to use, or attempt to open or use, a Brex Account. There are also some prohibited activities and businesses that we cannot support.
Why do I have to link my bank account?
In order to offer a card that doesn’t require a personal guarantee, impact your credit score, or require a security deposit, we utilize your bank account balance as a primary underwriting input.

Brex uses a third party service provider called Finicity to integrate with thousands of banks across the United States. Finicity encrypts all data to maintain high levels of security (read more here). Brex never stores your bank account login credentials, and they are not visible to Brex employees at any point.

If you would like to discuss any details or concerns, please call our Customer Support team at (833) 228-2044
Can I really issue every employee a credit card?
Yes. With the Brex platform, you can easily manage employee corporate cards (and even issue virtual cards instantly), monitor spend, set specific limits, and change or suspend them in real-time.
What will my limit be?
Limits are based on the cash you've raised / equity in your company and your company spending patterns. Find out your estimated limit here.
For specific inquiries, email: support@brex.com.
What integrations do you offer?
Brex integrates directly with QuickBooks®, Xero™, NetSuite®, and Expensify®, with more integrations coming soon.
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