The Corporate Card of Choice for Acceleprise Companies

No personal guarantee, instant card access, and game-changing rewards. Acceleprise companies get waived card fees for life.
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10-20x higher limits

Get access to credit limits based on your company's cash balance, not your personal credit score.

Instant virtual card access

Qualified companies can start issuing and using virtual credit cards immediately. Use virtual credit cards for an extra layer of security.

No personal guarantee

Get a corporate credit card with no personal guarantee. Put all business purchases on a company card that won’t affect your personal credit score.

A card to accelerate your growth

Instant credit approvals with higher limits
Instant credit approvals with higher limits
Get immediate access to the highest credit limit possible. Our underwriting process allows us to issue you corporate credit cards based on your company’s cash balance, not your personal credit score. You’ll never pay interest or any additional fees.
No founder liability or personal guarantee
No founder liability or personal guarantee
company’s operational expenses, like software or servers, on a corporate credit card that won’t affect your personal credit. Brex underwrites your company, not you, and requires no personal guarantee. To help you build business credit, Brex also reports your payments to Dun & Bradstreet and Experian.
Easy to issue cards and control spend
Easy to issue cards and control spend
Instantly issue cards to new users so they can make the purchases you need to grow your business. Set and track specific spending limits for everyone on your team right in the dashboard—so you can stay within budget and managers can see all spend.

Designed to take tech companies further

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The business credit card that rewards startups
on rideshare
Uber, Lyft, taxi, scooter. However you want to get there, you’ll earn points on every ride.
on brex travel
Book flights and hotel stays with Brex and redeem Brex Rewards points for travel.
on restaurants
Earn points back on dining and coffee shops. Great for team lunch or treating candidates.
on recurring software
Get statement credit or rewards for your software subscription- Salesforce, GitHub, Slack, anything you can put on a card.
Our finance team has both control over and visibility into employee spending. We aren’t a huge team right now, but we’re growing fast and I’m confident Brex’s program is built to scale.
Brian Chencofounder and CEO of ROOM

The only corporate card built for you.

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