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BillionToOne is a precision diagnostics company with the mission of making molecular diagnostics more accurate, efficient, and accessible for all.


Recent Ph. D. graduates Oguzhan Atay and David Tsao were eager to get to work commercializing their research on biological networks in 2017 with their new startup, BillionToOne. They were accepted into the startup accelerator Y Combinator and raised $2.5 million shortly after that to fund their research.

The founders, at their bank’s recommendation, started using a prepaid card to buy consumables and other equipment as they set up their lab.

“We trusted our [bank], and while I know they were trying to help, the first card they recommended really didn’t work for us,” Atay said. “It wasn’t accepted at many of the vendors we use, it didn’t have good tracking, and it didn’t have any rewards. We’re used to getting rewards on our personal cards and felt like we should be getting more value from our business spending.”


Atay got a new product recommendation after he told his banker about the challenges his team faced: Brex.

"We moved our expenses to Brex and created departmental procurement cards. which makes it very easy for us to track purchases, categorize spending, and manage our bookkeeping.”


Oguzhan and David had better things to do than worry about whether payments to vendors would go through. They were running a startup with a new neo-natal screening test product that showed early promise and $15 million in funding. 

The team no longer had to worry about making sure they could pay vendors like Thermo Fischer, VWR, and Rainin. And they were earning thousands of dollars in cash back every year thanks to Brex’s 3x lab supplies rewards multipliers on the consumables and plastics they used nearly every day.

That’s Brex for Life Sciences. Saving time, saving money — and saving lives. 

Brex turned out to be a lot more useful than our old card. We moved our expenses to Brex and created departmental procurement cards, which make it very easy for us to track purchases, manage our bookkeeping, and earn high cash back.
Oguzhan Atay, Cofounder & CEO
Brex for Life Sciences
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