Stay secure with advanced fraud protection from Brex

Spend with confidence with fraud monitoring, protection, and prevention from Brex and Mastercard World Elite.
How Brex protects you against fraud
Zero Liability
When your card is stolen or lost and used for a purchase, promptly report it to us and you will not be responsible for the charges.
24/7 Fraud Monitoring
Our systems monitor for any indiciations of fraudulent activity in real time. Our team responds immediately to any flagged transactions.
SMS Notification
Brex sends text messages for every transaction made on your physical card, which can help you quickly identify any unfamiliar charges.
Lock Your Card
If you ever misplace your card, you can lock and unlock it through the dashboard. Your card cannot be used while it is locked.
Latest EMV Technology
All Brex credit cards use the latest chip security from Mastercard, reducing the risk of a fraudster copying your card.
Disputing unauthorized charges
Unauthorized transactions and fraud
While our systems constantly monitor for fraud, please let us know if you see an unauthorized transaction on your Brex account. It’s a good practice to first check that the charge wasn’t made by an authorized person or employee without your knowledge. If your card number was stolen or used fraudulently, we will work with you to refund the transaction to your Brex account.
Merchant disputes and chargebacks
When a merchant charges you the wrong amount or without your authorization, or where the merchant doesn’t provide the goods or services you order, you should first try to resolve the dispute with the merchant. If the merchant fails to resolve the issue, we can work with you to file a chargeback to dispute the charge. This may require that you provide evidence of the transaction or your dealings with the merchant.
Filing a Dispute
Our Fraud Support team is available to help with disputes via chat, email, and phone, every day of the week
Review your account
Review your account
If you identify an unauthorized charge on your account, investigate it and notify us right away. Make sure that the charge wasn’t simply made by an authorized person or employee without your knowledge.
Work with the Brex team
Work with the Brex team
We may need some additional information from you about the transaction, especially if it’s a dispute with a merchant. Once we collect that, we can work with you to resolve it.
Filing a chargeback
Filing a chargeback
We’ll work with you to resolve any chargebacks with merchants. Our team will keep you notified of the status of the chargeback via email. Should you win the chargeback dispute, you will see a credit to your dashboard. The entire process may take up to 90 days to resolve.
How can I protect myself?
Protect your passwords
This applies to all online accounts. Choose strong passwords and change them from time to time. This can prevent fraudsters from gaining access to your online Brex account or linked email accounts, and helps prevent ID theft.
Keep your credit card information safe
When you pay online on secure websites, your payment information is encrypted to make it difficult for people to save your information. However, when you provide payment information over the phone or in person, your information becomes vulnerable to compromise.
    You should:
  • Know and trust the companies you give card details to
  • Understand how they plan to store your information
  • Take time to learn about their security practices
Be aware of scams
Fraudsters will try to gain access to your credentials by phishing, or posing as a reputable source; asking for sensitive information including your credit card details. Phishers frequently try to create a sense of urgency about a problem, such as describing dire consequences for you or your business if they don’t receive the information immediately. Never give out personal or financial information if you’re unsure about the legitimacy of the situation.
Review your activity
As a best practice, look over your transactions and statements regularly to identify any unauthorized transactions.
Chat with us about any concerns, suggestions, or disputed transactions.
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