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Spiff’s commission automation software takes the onerous manual work of managing sales team commissions and helps boost sales by up to 10%.


Tanner Lacey was feeling frustrated. As a co-founder and Director of Operations at Spiff, which had more than doubled headcount over 6 months, he found himself spending far too much time managing a competing expense management card.

“I loved the concept. It took us a few weeks to get it started and we did have to put down collateral to match our credit line, but it did work great to start.”

However, as time went on and the team grew, the platform started causing headaches and delays.  “We were seeing multiple card declines per week due to the way the platform’s features work, and I had to keep logging in to fix stuff. It was also buggy, and the entire site went down for multiple days a few times. I’m still a little confused about how a few features work and I’ve been a customer for almost a year.”

He and his team decided it was time to find a true corporate card. "We were scaling fast. I was switching between ops and finance and sales hats every day, and I wanted something to make spending easier and automate as much of the process as possible.”


Tanner had been following Brex for over a year through press articles, and when he passed by the booth at the annual SaaStr conference in San Jose, he decided to dig a bit deeper. 

“We were growing so fast, we needed higher credit limit, and that’s what Brex promised along with rewards with points multipliers that perfectly fit our spending patterns. So I signed up. Getting a card 10 minutes after starting the application was an incredible moment that really built my trust that Brex was going to make the process easy for us.”


Spiff quickly moved their spending over to Brex, and began issuing cards to additional employees to ensure all spending at the company is tracked in a central location.

“Everything we were trying to do before is easier on Brex. We didn’t want to implement a complex, labor-intensive expense management platform, but rather a way to centralize spend without giving up control over who was making the purchases.”

Everything we were trying to do on before is easier on Brex. I realize we didn’t need an expense management platform, but rather a way to centralize spend without giving up control over who was making the purchases.
Tanner Lacey, Co-founder/Director of Operations
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