Soludos: Making Summer Seasonality a Breeze with Brex
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"For us, it’s important to have flexibility, so when we find an opportunity to increase marketing spend to generate incremental sales, we have the funds to support it. Brex lets us seize that opportunity."

- Brigid Foster, COO


Soludos invents and manufactures thoughtfully crafted shoes and accessories that happily move their wearers through the world with style and ease. 


After nearly 10 years producing and perfecting a brand of relaxation, adventure and comfort, the Soludos team was still feeling the pressure. A steady stream of celebrity sightings had their shoes flying off the (digital) shelves, and summer was fast approaching. 

“We are a seasonal business, and when we get into season, our spend scales really quickly,” said Brigid Foster, COO at Soludos. “We were constantly maxing out our corporate card and spent way too much time managing and paying it down, so that we didn’t miss opportunities to fund our digital ads and other marketing efforts.”


She searched online for tools to help manage seasonal cashflow, and found Brex. Her team saw the ability to put off payment for 60 days as the solution they’d been looking for. This flexibility lined up with their plans to increase spending on Instagram, a newer channel where they’d seen early success. “The cost of borrowing is clearly important, but so is the ability to fund opportunities that may not have been on your radar when budgets and cash projections were done — last-minute opportunities,” said Foster. 


With a high limit, based on revenue, easy card management, and clear payment tracking, her team can focus their time on discovering those valuable opportunities instead of dealing with their corporate card. 

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